Smart add-on services

Of course, Orio Logistics' core mission is to provide really efficient and flexible warehouse and distribution logistics. In addition to basic third party logistics, we develop smart add-on services that enhance customer value and make us a more unique logistics partner.

Our smart add-on services


Kitting/assembly is a rational and integral part of our warehouse production. Our services include final assembly, kitting (preparing tailored kits of related items) and installation of software in electronic products.

Smart packaging

Smart packaging solutions are often economical, easy to handle, sustainable and recyclable, while communicating a clear message. Orio has a vast pool of expertise in this area.


Typical services include dismantling pallets or crates and repacking the contents in smaller packages and on load carriers tailored to the recipient’s needs. Other services include combining and cross-docking of goods flows and repacking the goods for delivery to the end customer.


Labelling is often an integral part of the process of repacking and redistributing goods. We use market-leading technologies for fast, accurate goods and transport labelling.

Export and customs management

Orio Logistics’ warehouse facility is approved as an “Authorised Consignor”. This means that consignments dispatched by Orio are processed more quickly and efficiently at airports. It also means we have the permits and systems required to take responsibility for goods handled in accordance with Swedish Transport Agency regulations. We can also prepare complete delivery documentation for consignments to and from Sweden, provide advanced statistics and calculate your customs costs.

IT solutions

Efficient logistics and goods distribution is increasingly about creating fast and integrated supply flows that offer visibility and transparency for all players involved. Orio’s expert IT department can give you smart solutions that sharpen your logistics.

Return logistics

Efficient and simple return logistics strongly enhance your competitiveness and provide added value for customers and consumers. It’s essential to offer simple, flexible return options backed up by smart, efficient logistics. Orio Logistics knows how.


Orio’s experienced recycling experts are always available to provide advice and analyse how your products and packagings can be recycled or reused optimally.

Handling hazardous goods

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility is specially designed for handling hazardous goods. Hazardous goods are stored in a dedicated area of the facility and processed by qualified staff trained according to government standards. We also use various types of packaging specially designed and approved for storage and transportation of all types of hazardous goods.

And this is just a part of what we offer!