Orio Logistics' modern, automated 3PL warehouse is ideally located whether your customers are in Sweden, the Nordic region or abroad. For more than seventy years, we have been handling demanding and complex logistics to and from over sixty countries.

Modern, flexible warehousing

Our warehouse facility in Nyköping, Sweden is modern, automated and equipped with advanced fire protection and a safety system for hazardous goods handling. Read more about safe handling.

Our automated warehouse is designed for efficient handling of third party logistics for all customers, whether small, medium or large. Whatever the customer, we aim to provide efficient, flexible third party logistics including seamless warehousing tailored to individual needs and requirements.

On your terms

A high degree of automation in our warehouse minimises the number of errors and ensures consistent high efficiency. Although our warehouse is almost completely automated, Orio Logistics’ staff are crucial in delivering high quality. Our staff are skilled, experienced and customer-focused. A cornerstone of our organisation is that all staff are sensitive to customers’ needs. This means that we always handle your products optimally and respond quickly to your questions and requests – warehousing on your terms.

Flexible partnership

Orio Logistics gives you flexible partnership. We can handle your entire logistics chain or just the individual parts you select. The choice is yours. As an Orio Logistics customer, you’re spared the bother of long, complicated agreements. We believe in simplicity, mutual trust and straightforward agreements.

What our fully-equipped warehouse in Nyköping offers:

  • Premises covering 73,000 sq m
  • A central location south of Stockholm
  • Fully automated 3PL warehousing for efficient supply flows
  • Experienced staff who understand customers’ business
  • Flexible storage space that can be tailored to different customer types and sectors
  • Certification for handling hazardous goods
  • Dedicated customs administration
  • Certification for handling food
  • An advanced warehouse management system (WMS) capable of handling simple and complex integrations