Third party logistics

As a 3PL provider, Orio Logistics takes extensive responsibility for the customer's logistics chain, from incoming flows to warehousing, delivery and returns management. Broad and flexible logistics solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Your full-service 3PL provider

Being an excellent logistics partner includes so much more than just storing goods. It means making your work easier, taking responsibility and providing flexible service that makes you more competitive and efficient. Our service is underpinned by Orio’s committed employees, who are highly qualified, and experienced in 3PL. Another of our strengths is our highly automated warehouse, where we can handle all goods types and order sizes.

Wide range of 3PL services

In addition to warehousing, Orio Logistics provides a wide range of other 3PL services. We can take responsibility for: ordering/purchasing, planning and stock forecasts, labelling, assembly, kitting, transport administration, packaging, forwarding, export documents and customs declarations, handling hazardous goods, complaints and returns – and much more.

The best 3PL provider

Third party logistics (3PL) has been our core business for seventy years. The challenge is to provide efficient logistics solutions that meet the market’s ever rising demands for flexibility, precision and excellent delivery service. With short lead times, high flexibility and swift distribution via a strong network of transportation partners, we make our customers more competitive. With Orio Logistics as a 3PL partner, customers can rest assured that their daily logistics processes are managed by experienced, committed professionals.

Focus on your core expertise – we’ll take care of the logistics

As a 3PL specialist, our job is to make your job easier. You can dedicate your time and energy to your core business and leave the entire logistics chain to us. With Orio Logistics as your partner, you get flexible, innovative third party logistics which impact positively on your costs, capital binding and, not least, the quality of your delivery and customer services.

“E-commerce drives innovation in 3PL”

The increase in e-commerce has prompted the third-party logistics industry to face new challenges. Inspired by Amazon, Alibaba and Zalando, fast-growing e-commerce places high demands on exemplary design, short lead times, high service levels to customers and consumers, and, not least, an efficient return logistics.
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