3PL for e-commerce companies

Efficient logistics are essential for successful e-commerce. The major e-commerce companies recognise this and invest heavily in their logistics. However, most e-commerce companies lack the resources for building their own advanced logistics centre. The solution is to enlist an external 3PL provider with the resources and expertise required.

Flexible full-service logistics for e-commerce

Orio Logistics offers a full-service solution for e-commerce logistics, where we handle large flows of individual orders and order picking in situations where high stock availability, short lead times and high delivery quality are required. We can also ensure fast, flexible distribution and take responsibility for efficient returns management. Our aim is for customers’ deliveries – and their returns, if applicable – to be handled as fast and efficiently as possible, with cost-effective logistics and profitable e-commerce as a result.

3PL with added value for e-commerce companies

E-commerce logistics has become a specialised area of 3PL. This is because e-commerce poses unique challenges: many small orders requiring individual picking and a need for stock availability, precision, speed, short lead times, excellent service and simple but efficient returns handling processes that give customers added value. All this is a natural part of Orio Logistics’ 3PL offering for e-commerce. Moreover, our customers have direct access to our in-house IT experts, who understand your challenges and unique needs and requirements.

E-commerce your terms

Are your sales growing quickly but unpredictably? If so, you need Orio Logistics’ scalable and flexible e-commerce logistics. As a third party logistics provider who understand your challenges, unique needs and requirements. We offer powerful logistics solutions tailored to your needs. It is natural for us to tailor our services to your business and your specific needs and requirements.

Orio Logistics – e-commerce logistics

  • IT integration of your order system with Orio Logistics’ logistics system.
  • Goods receipt and storage
  • Warehousing
  • Order Management 
  • Picking
  • Packing and wrapping
  • Distribution
  • Return logistics
  • Access to our IT department
  • Advanced security systems
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